Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Best Hostel in the World

Traveller's House in Lisbon. Go There.
I've been traveling. A lot. I've stayed in dozens of different hostels and hotels, most of which have been a positive experience - but the Traveller's House takes the cake (and many agree - it is one of the top rated hostels in the world!)

The hostel is in a great location in the heart of Lisbon, just a few blocks from the sea. They give you free internet and use only Mac computers (I'm a mac nerd - if you want me to convince you to get one, just ask), have daily social events, great TV and common rooms (with chess and a library, right), comfortable bedrooms and we were given a personal tour around the hostel upon arriving, as if we were old friends visiting someone's new house - all in all it felt like home.

It's a great atmosphere and its small enough to meet the other guests. Through some of the events set up by the hostel, we did just that. During our stay, we took an epic road trip up the coast to Sintra (see Sintra post) with some Aussies, enjoyed a Portuguese wine tasting night (right), tapped a keg with travelers from Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, Brazil, Austria, Canada and the States and continued the fun on a pub crawl led by our friendly host Miguel (below).

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