Monday, December 7, 2009

New Travel Hobby: Fun With Signs

No Crossbows on Ryanair?!?! Dang it!
For those of you who follow along regularly, you know that we like imitating statues. Well, with all the traveling we did over fall break (6 flights in 10 days), we found a new form of entertainment: reinterpreting signs. Here are some of the highlights from fall break.

What makes a map gay? Is it attracted to other maps? (Above, Madrid)
Why, yes. Where do we sign up? (Below, Madrid)

Beware of little girls with arms. (Above)

No thumbs up on the subway. (Above)
No thumbs down either. Just don't use thumbs. (Below)

Check your...sign before printing (Above)
Language Fail. You can't just put an "a" or "o" on the end of a word to make it Spanish. (Below)

1. Shake chair to bother person in front of you.
2. Duck and hide from them.
3. Throw a smoke grenade, crawl up and scare them.

1. In case of emergency, open the bag of "Life Vest" brand chips.
2. Remove the free life vest prize.
3. Struggle mightily to put it on, act like Cornholio.
4. Reward yourself with the red licorice.

Please follow steps 1-5 to improve your view. (Above)

If you see a ninja trying to escape (steps 1-4), use your laser vision to set him on fire and stop him!

In case of emergency, pull this red handle. Then scream very loudly. (Below)

Who would actually wear these? Probably these people.
If you are on the "inside" of this inside joke, you'll get the following signs. (Below)


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