Thursday, August 27, 2009

A train fight in Dublin...

During our stay in Dublin, we enjoyed some good craic in the pubs, often during a "trad session" of traditional Irish folk music. Wikipedia defines this Irish term as "fun, enjoyment, abandonment or lighthearted mischief; often in the context of drinking or music."

On one such occasion, we had taken the train to the nearby area of Malahide, a small town featuring Malahide Castle, the place where the Talbot family had lived for 800 years until recently.

After stopping at the castle (just after it closed - we hopped a fence and explored for ourselves anyway...) we headed back into town in search of a bite to eat. Of course, we ended up at the pub - James Gibney and Sons. And, as it often happens in Ireland, though we intended to stay for a short meal, we ended up there for 5 hours enjoying the good craic, the football matches and meeting new friends. (Side story - Somehow, Ryan and I were set to face off to see who could finish a half-pint first. This ended very quickly as I won, but because Ryan couldn't get it down, he spit his drink all over my face, much to the amusement of everyone else in the pub...)

We left only to catch the last train for Dublin and met some new mates on the platform. Little did we know, the night was going to be more memorable than a simple train ride home. We hopped in the car with our new friends (see picture for a few of them) and a shady group of lads followed shortly after. Once the train got moving, the other fellows started an argument and before anyone knew what was going on fists were thrown, glass bottles were whizzing at people's heads and blood and liquids spew about. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured (Ryan took a full beer to the face) and the troublemakers were greeted by some large policemen at the next platform...We were assured that this was the first time they'd seen anything like this - What a welcome to Europe!

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