Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Visiting the VanderLander

A few nights in Club VanderChris
We left Kassel on Sunday morning (Oct. 11) and headed for Wiesloch, a small town in Central Germany near Heidelberg, to visit our friend Chris Gross (an exchange student at ISU) at his home (above).  He and his family were very hospitable and made our stay very enjoyable (especially the home cooked German meals!(left)) It was fun to hear of their recent experiences in the States and tell them of our travels (with Chris translating...)

The first two nights in Wiesloch, we headed to the town festivals (mini-Oktoberfests) in the nearby towns of Rouenburg and Sandhausen. Chris connected with old friends and Ryan & I made new ones in the streets (above) and beer tents (right), where we danced and sang German party songs (think Cha-Cha Slide type songs) - I just made up words... We also played a game asking each other questions and using the beer bottle caps which said Ja (Yes), Nein (No) or ? to answer it...needless to say, we asked some pretty ridiculous questions (We are immature college guys - you can use your imagination.)

During the daytime, Chris showed us around the surrounding area - Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Mannheim - each of which have a separate post. It was great to have a local showing us around and Chris was a great tour guide (and a good driver - driving on the autobahn at 235 km/h = 146 mph! (below)). I also drove a SmartCar for the first time (it's funny to see big Chris in such a tiny car) before saying goodbye to Chris' awesome parents, Monika (above) and Werner.

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