Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Weekend in Florence

Firenze Frenzy
It still seems strange to say "I'm staying home this weekend" in reference to staying in Florence, Italy...Anywho, we marauded around the streets of Florence, seeing old and new sights. The Ponte Vecchio was jam-packed with tourists visiting for the weekend (above), we passed the Pitti Palace (left), saw street artists (right), searched for new gelaterias and enjoyed the sunny weather.

On Sunday, I went to my second Fiorentina football match. This time Fiorentina squared off against Lazio, who's rowdy fans were loud and proud all game - and whose inappropriate gestures and comments almost started brawls had it not been for the plexiglass walls surrounding their fan section.

Other highlights included celebrating with the LdM club soccer team for our 4th place finish in the Fiorentina Cup soccer tournament at Lion's Fountain, the tournament sponsor, where we received legit medals for our efforts (above, with our advisor Elena in the center), partying it up at Space Discoteque (below) and enjoying heart-to-heart chats afterwards at 5am on the lawn of Piazza Santa Maria Novella with Katie and Sarah (below). Oh Florence...

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