Monday, September 14, 2009

Calcio - My first soccer match in Europe

Fiorentina vs. Cagliari
 On Monday 9/13, Tom found out at the last minute that Fiorentina, the local soccer club in Florence, had a Serie A match against Cagliari. Tom, Kelley & I scrambled to catch the bus to Stadio Artemio Franchi (beautifully situated at the base of the hills - see photo) and get tickets (only 13 euro!) for the match. I love watching soccer (I fell in love with the game after my trip to Brazil two years ago) and had a great time (despite the spot of rain towards the end of the first half that droves us to hide under the bleachers) attending my first European soccer match. Fiorentina didn't disappoint as the won 1-0 from a Giraldino header. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch more of the home games in the future!

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  1. Check out a Juventus game for me if you get a chance!