Thursday, September 17, 2009

Clubs @ LdM

I look like I might know what I'm doing in that picture - but I don't.
Lorenzo de Medici offers students with a variety of interests the opportunity to get involved in clubs. Tom & I joined the basketball & soccer club (which meet on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, respectively). Ryan joined the soccer club and Zack signed up for the slow drink club & music club.

(Random side note: You know when you stop and think about certain words, they seem weird? Club. Club is a weird word. Sorry - I digress.)

We had our first club meetings this week, playing pick up games of basketball and soccer (both 5 on 5). My basketball skills were rusty, but it was good to run the court. One highlight was someone getting dunked on a-la "Patrick chEwing".

While I have some experience playing basketball, my soccer abilities are non-existent. I love watching soccer, but I only played organized soccer for two years in elementary school (The Stallions & The Pack - word). The picture above (playing in Brazil, 2007) might lead you to think I have soccer skills, but you'd be wrong. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun to get some exercise and meet some new people. Hopefully, over the course of the next few weeks, I'll get better.

We have a soccer tournament coming up the week of September 27th. We'll be squaring off against teams of students from Syracuse, Florida, Vanderbilt, Gonzaga and some local teams...think World Cup, but more competitive and important... hopefully no one gets Zidane'd....

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