Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mantime in Paris - The Louvre & Chateau de Versailles, creeper moustache

Statue Impressions: It's What We Do Best

After Katie left, Ryan & I still had a day and a half in Paris. What would we do?? Well, statue impressions was definitely on the list as we visited the Louvre - home of the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, large crowds and more exhibits that you could want to possibly visit in one day. See the results below.

Additionally, Ryan decided to shave his "travel beard" - the beard that he has grown all trip - into a moustache so hideous that he should've been arrested on sight. For your sake, I have not posted the pictures, but some can be found in the facebook album.

We also visited the Palace of Versailles which is has a lot of art, history and amazing gardens which words don't do justice (just visit it or see the link for more info!).

We ended our trip in a very cool way that you would've needed to be there to appreciate - we walked over the River Siene on a picturesque pedestrian bridge where tons of kids were hanging out (a great atmosphere), stopped in the empty Louvre square and listened to a very talented cellist as we reflected on the trip - a great last night. Onward to Firenze!

See the PARIS facebook album here.

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