Friday, September 4, 2009

Dingle: Ireland at its best

Dingle (or An Daingean in Gaelic) is a very charming, small town with a lot of character – a taste of the real Ireland. Everyone can speak Gaelic (we went to church and it was all in Gaelic), its amazingly easy to meet people and its the Ireland that you might imagine. We set up base camp in a quaint bed and breakfast right on Main Street (above). It didn’t take long to explore the one main street and the branching avenues stemming from it, but to experience all the town has to offer would take a while.

We started off by having the best fish and chips (I had Cod and got an entire Cod - above) I’ve had at Reel Dingle Fish; I was served an entire cod fried up. Afterwards, we took a stroll along the waterfront, where children enjoyed rides at the amusement park on the pier and fishing boats pulled ashore from a day at sea (below). From there, we headed to the pub for a trad session and prepared for our epic bike ride in the morning.

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