Sunday, September 13, 2009

Classes: Back to school...

The Class Schedule
Going through orientation day (9/3) was painfully long and boring, but did provide an opportunity to meet new friends. At least they gave us the equivalent of the little red drawstring bags freshman receive at ISU... (LdM bags, shown modeled by Dani. Only one per customer, offer good while supplies last.)

As I have already completed four years of undergraduate coursework at Iowa State (and I could've graduated in three years - thanks AP classes! - but what's the rush right?), I only have a few classes left that I've saved for this study abroad experience. I drew out my college experience by adding a second major (I'm studying Finance & International Business) and additional electives...

I am currently taking 15 credits (12 of which Ryan is taking with me) here in Florence through Lorenzo de Medici and all of my classes are Tuesday through Thursday (which means more time for traveling!)

The class schedule:

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