Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On the Road Again...

5 days. 3 Countries. 6 cities. ROAD TRIP.

Captain Edwards (below, keeping my eyes on the road) was back in action as we hit the road to Oktoberfest. We rented a Fiat Panda (Right: Actual Size Shown) and left Florence on Thursday (Sept. 24th) for Austria. Ryan and I enjoyed views of the Tuscan countryside as the sun was setting over the land. We stopped in Bologna to pick up Katie, who flew in from Barcelona to go to Oktoberfest with us, and headed for Gosau, Austria.

We spent the next few hours trying to navigate by using road signs, as our directions were spotty. Things were much easier once we arrived in Austria; the infrastructure and traffic flow is much more orderly than in Italy (especially Florence). The views of mountains and changing leaves in Austria was also a plus!

One of the best things about tiny Gosau is that it is a QUIET village in the middle of the beautiful Salzkammergut region - a place of mountains and lakes carved out by glaciers. However, there are absolutely no lights at 2:30am, which made it very difficult to find our hotel.

We finally found our destination, Apartments Muhlradl (after driving around for half an hour), woke our friendly English hostess and proceeded to enjoy the quietest night of sleep in recent memory in preparation for the weekend ahead. (See photo for our view from the room)

The Itinerary

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