Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Traveling in style...our journey through the Chunnel

 We're riding first class...
 Just like Fergie. After enjoying the convenience of getting around London's tube system (buy an Oyster card if you go - it saves time & money), we caught the Chunnel to travel to Paris in style. For some reason or another, traveling 1st class was cheaper than riding 2nd class. This meant that we enjoyed great service (hot towels!), comfort and good food and drinks.

In addition to our unlimited water, pop, juice, wine and champagne, our menu had some tasty choices. I decided on:

Grilled chicken breast with sumac spice, Moroccan tomato sauce and vegetable couscous, bread, salad and a strawberry tartlet. Definitely beats the microwave mincemeat pies I was eating in London...WIN!

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