Sunday, September 13, 2009

The new digs...

Abito in Firenze...
We flew Ryanair from Paris to Pisa, then caught a train from Pisa to Firenze S.M.N. arriving around 10pm (22:00 - gotta get used to European time!) on September 2nd. As we walked Florence's (Firenze) narrow, criss-crossing streets, Ryan and I were in awe to finally have arrived at our new hometown. Upon checking in, we met our new roommates, Zack & Tom, who are both great guys.

Zack (middle left) is a junior from Illinois State and we are convinced he is a ninja. Tom (far left) is a junior from St. Louis but he attends Chapman University in California who aspires to be a musician. We all share common interests in music (Zack & Tom play guitar) and get along well. Moving in was relatively easy, as I didn't have too much to unpack (see the first post - I brought two backpacks for 5 months)

Our apartment is a cozy 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom flat with a kitchen, living room and balcony. The address is 11 Via di Barbano, just a short walk from school (and almost anything in Florence). Its large enough to host people for dinners or parties, but tiny enough to feel like you are really living like a European.
As a side note, we have decided to name our apartment Castle Grayskull due to our apartment's strange interest in He-Man. We have been watching episodes regularly on youtube and, despite how terrible they are, we continue to laugh and watch them. Do yourself a favor and listen to He-Man Sings daily - we definitely do.
If you feel so inclined, please send any mail to (not my physical address):
Jeff Edwards
c/o Lorenzo de Medici
Via del Melarancio 6/r
50123 Firenze, ITALIA
Check out the pictures below of my bedroom, the living room and the view from my bedroom window.

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