Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Is This Narnia?

On Friday, we got up bright and early to explore the natural beauty of Austria. After eating breakfast (I had my first German egg), we headed toward Gosausee - Gosau's breathtaking lake nestled in the mountains. We spent our morning walking around this small lake, in awe of the beauty, crisp air, stillness and absolute silence - it was a great place to think and reflect.

A few of the things we did around the lake (aside from taking hundreds of pictures):
  • Stopped to drink ice cold water from a stream coming off of the mountain (left)
  • Yell ridiculous things and listen for the echo (Riiii-coooo-laaaaaa)
  • See who could throw rocks farther (below)
  • Listen to water drops using a device to amplify the volume (right)
  • Re-enacted scenes from Cliffhanger

After our morning walk (best morning walk ever), we had lunch at the cafe overlooking the lake. I enjoyed bratwurstel, sauerkraut and potatoes with a mug of hot chocolate - almost as much as I enjoyed the views of the mountains.

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  1. The pic of your three backs look like a north face ad.